Graphical grammars

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Graphical languages, graphical grammars, graphical editors, semantics of graphical languages, that is the research domain of Ulyanovsk State Technical University research group under the supervision of A. N. Afanas'ev, Ph.D in CS.

Our achievements:

  • Automaton graphical grammar (RV - grammar) with the linear analysis time; this grammar allows to analyse diagrams of structure languages as well as non-structure languages. Oleg G. Sharov.
  • Automaton graphical grammar with error recovery (RVN-grammar). Oleg G. Sharov.

    Research group:

  • Alexandr N. Afanas'ev - Ph.D in CS, associate professor of the "Computer science" department, Ulyanovsk State Technical University.
  • Oleg G. Sharov - Ph.D in CS.
  • Nikolay Vojt - Ph.D in CS.
  • Alexandr V. Yashin - master of technology, post graduate student of the "Computer science" department, Ulyanovsk State Technical University.

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